Finding the Silly in the Serious

8 years ago Rosie 0
My buddy, Michelle Rafter, has issued a Blogathon challenge. Participants are challenged to post a blog a day during the month of May. Michelle, I officially accept your challenge. Should I throw a blog glove down as I say that? So get your eyes ready for some good reading, folks. On May 1st, I will Read More

Ewe Go, Girl!

8 years ago Rosie 0
The weekend flew by with a fun evening in Lebanon, NH on Saturday. We were able to attend a sold-out Indigo Girls concert held in the Lebanon Opera House. The Indigo Girls had the entire house on their feet by the end, grooving to their sweet old late-80s folky songs, but concert opener Lucy Wainwright Read More

A little green and a little street scene.

8 years ago Rosie 0
Check out this eco-entertainer: Steve was voted a Fast 50 Favorite by readers of Fast Company Magazine. He helps teach children that it’s actually easy being green! Steve explains in his bio at that he turned to magic to help him with dyslexia. After earning a degree in theatre, Steve performed as a Read More

Trees, Please.

8 years ago Rosie 0
Several years ago, a storm ripped through Randleman, North Carolina and tore out almost 400 loblolly pine trees in the town’s World Summer Youth Camp. Loblolly pines have roots that grow close to the surface of the ground, and groups of the pines will intertwine their roots like the weaving of a blanket. When one Read More

Lessons on Home Remodeling – From a Honeybee

8 years ago Rosie 0
The recent focus on honeybees and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has caused more Americans to learn about – and appreciate – the hard-working honeybee. As a beekeeper, I know that honeybees are social creatures with their lives centered on their home. Each time I stand at the entrance of one of my hives, or open Read More

It’s a Whole New World

8 years ago Rosie 2
Well, here I go! Off on another adventure – blogging in space. I must admit, I probably should have devoted the time to rebuilding my sad little temporary (for a year and still counting) website. But for some reason, this seemed like the right challenge. I trust that it is.The universe always sets us up Read More