Don’t be Cilia – I’m Seriously Thankful.

Fall is nearly over here in Vermont. The morning air is no longer “nippy.” It’s cold. And it’s a search to find pie pumpkins – they are being snapped up by discerning bakers for the Thanksgiving holiday. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I’ll wax poetic on this topic closer to the day. But I have a new found appreciation for something that many of us rarely spend much time pondering. I am thankful for my eyelashes. Yep, those fun little follicles are…

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Flu Me to the Moon

I want to share a column written by funny girl Michele Wojchiechowski (pronounced “where’s your house key”) about the recent flu run. I’m ok, she’s ok. This past week, I went on a search for a treasure. It was something so scarce, so valuable, something that can ward off sickness and even death. And after the vast amount of time it took me to find it, I think the quest for it can rival the searches that still go on for the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail….

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Falling back! And a call to all for art…

Hello, friends! I am back to blogging after a few months of inactivity. I hope you missed it. I have an exciting project to share with you! This venture, by a hip and eco-friendly local artist, is at the grassroots level – and needs your participation! The project, called “Art Is” has no specific goal, except to inspire all to dig deep into their souls and share by expression. To participate in the “Art Is” project, please: 1.Pick out a paint color sample card that you like, either a single…

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