Soup for You! Next!

8 years ago Rosie 9
This year I am committed to eating seasonally (and local), so fresh salads are out and cabbage and kale are in right now. After a week of cabbage though, I have more than the scent of a woman, so I start throwing other vegetables into a broth to make soup. I am fortunate to share Read More

One Ringy Dingy

8 years ago Rosie 3
Last month, I canceled my phone service to cut costs and to get ready for my winter move to Montpelier. I still had the cell phone, but soon found that I talked more than I thought I did. The monthly minutes quickly ran out and I had to recharge – and spent almost as much Read More

A Magic Carpet Ride, To the Emerald Isle

8 years ago Rosie 8
A few years ago, an innovative guy decided to see if he could trade a giant paper clip for something, well, better. So he advertised on Craigslist, not knowing what he would end up with. Being a huge barter fiend myself, I liked his spunk. Fast forward to this evening. I was reading an e-newsletter Read More

We Tree Kings

8 years ago Rosie 3
It is January 6th – known by many as Three Kings Day, or Twelfth Night. The last official day of Christmas. And it is traditional in some households to say good bye to the tree today. Off come the ornaments to be packed in their sturdy containers (or the ancient, flimsy cardboard boxes, taped at Read More

There’s No Business Like Snow Business

8 years ago Rosie 6
Update! A kind reader sent me this fabulous snowflake. He took my name and flipped and rearranged it until he created a very cool six-pointed snowflake.: It’s all about snow today! And Vermont does snow so well. Snowflakes always amaze me. Minute little bits of architectural perfection that only last for a moment. While pumping Read More