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Trust the Universe: A view from the hill

Sometimes, quotes or sayings can help us redirect our thinking, or pull us out of a mind rut. And sometimes, a mixed-up quote is even better. The other day I went to a local drugstore to pick up a few things. The drugstore recently changed its reward card program, mistyping my email address into the new system. That sounds like something that can be fixed fairly easily, eh? But no, that typo means I cannot use my rewards card, and no one seems to know how to fix the problem.…

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Feeding the rice – what message will we give to ourselves?

During a conversation with Michael┬áthe other day, we touched on manifesting our goals and the power of thought. Michael┬áhad attended a few optimism sessions with me, which focused on getting past limiting beliefs and emotions. During the session I presented the late Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water and rice experiments. Dr. Emoto had studied the effects of human consciousness on rice.   The Rice Experiment To fill you in on the experiment, Dr Emoto was said to have measured equal amounts of cooked rice into three containers. On one container he…

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