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Happiness is the first and last piece of the puzzle

Happiness is the most beautiful walk to happiness. I made a commitment to walk every morning if at all possible – not only for my health and intended weight loss, but also to begin the day with purpose. After I asked friends and family their thoughts on the best pedometer, my youngest son sent me a new Nike bracelet that he had stored in a drawer. I excitedly charged it and put it on, then went about my day as a freelancer working from home. That night, I was dumbfounded…

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7 ways to stay happy

I’m not blind to the goings on of the world. I see climate change and human discord. As an optimist, however, I choose how to react to the news of the world. Read that again.     I CHOOSE how to react to the news of the world.   You see, no matter what happens around you, you have the power to be happy, to create your own personal world. If you think that sounds magical, that’s because it is. You are a magician, using your thoughts to conjure your…

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6 ways to help hurricane victims from your home

We can help others wherever we are.   Many people are being displaced and evacuated during the recent hurricane, and others have been homeless for some time. Here are some ways you can help from your home: Soap and toothpaste Water everywhere, but not much to drink and use to clean. Do you have a stash of hotel shampoos and personal-size soaps? Put them to good use.  Think about what you would like to have if you no longer had access to your bathroom supplies. Fill a bag with with…

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Frank Talk about Deep Space: Tracy Farquhar

I first met Tracy Farquhar at a conference held by Mike Dooley, author of “Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams.”  Farquhar is a gifted professional psychic medium, channel, trainer and Reiki II practitioner, offering her services through  Spirit Light Services in New Jersey. Since 2009, she has channeled the messages of a collective of eight alien entities who call themselves “Frank.” Farquhar and Frank created the book, “Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom” in 2014, covering such topics as time and space, civilization on Earth and beyond, and…

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