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7 ways to stay happy

I’m not blind to the goings on of the world. I see climate change and human discord. As an optimist, however, I choose how to react to the news of the world.

Read that again.



I CHOOSE how to react to the news of the world.


You see, no matter what happens around you, you have the power to be happy, to create your own personal world. If you think that sounds magical, that’s because it is. You are a magician, using your thoughts to conjure your reality. Magicians need to practice their skills to get better and better at those manifestations. Here are a few ways you can practice your way to happiness:


Be grateful

In my opinion, the fastest path to happiness and abundance is gratitude. When you are thankful for things you have – and things you desire to have – the universe rushes to offer you more of the same. Like attracts like. Tell someone you are grateful for something they have done or said (This doesn’t have to be something that was life-changing. Tell your mailman how thankful you are that he delivers your mail every weekday. Or call an old friend and thank her for her support over the years). When I pay bills, I state, “I am so happy and grateful that I have the money to pay these bills.” There are so many opportunities to give thanks during the day if you look for them – and you will be much happier in the process.



Give often

No, I’m not asking you to empty your bank account and hand it over to the latest and greatest charity. Giving can take many forms. Leave a dollar in a random place with a note saying “You are valued.” Make an extra batch of cookies and share with a college student or elderly neighbor. Pick up trash in the neighborhood park (yep. This is giving). Think of ways you can offer something each day. Your gift will make you happy.

Let others keep their stuff.


By stuff I mean baggage, complaints, gossip, and negativity. You don’t need to be weighed down by the debris that others choose to carry. Smile, and walk away. Choose to be happy.



Find your own good stuff.


Once you choose not to carry the burden of others, you find you can run faster and jump higher! Seriously, let others tote the stuff they choose to hang onto, and pile on the happy. It’s light and easy to carry, and there is always enough to share. If something happens during your day, find something good in the event, no matter how small. Instead of asking, “Why does this always happen to me?” when something happens, state “this helped me (fill in the blank).”



Take a deep breath.

I’m going to go all scientific on you for a moment. Deep breathing can affect your overall health and happiness. Certain deep breathing techniques can help reduce anxiety and pain, treat side effects of medical treatments such as cancer, help minimize symptoms of menopause, and in some cases have been  known to aid in the cessation of smoking and other addictions. Take a deep breath, and smile when you exhale. Then say thank you for your lungs.

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photo by Elijah Hiett

Take a nap.

Not a long one. Just a power nap of 10 minutes or so. A study by the School of Psychology at Flinders University in Australia found that short power naps of 7 to 10 minutes can increase our awareness and ability to focus. I’d say that is something to be happy about – catch some happy winks.




This is the big, all-encompassing emotion that is our core – it’s what makes us tick. Love is the ultimate shape-shifter and can take many forms. It looks different for all of us. The key is to share it, and say it. And that will make us all happy.

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