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Happiness is the first and last piece of the puzzle

Happiness is the most beautiful walk to happiness. I made a commitment to walk every morning if at all possible – not only for my health and intended weight loss, but also to begin the day with purpose. After I asked friends and family their thoughts on the best pedometer, my youngest son sent me a new Nike bracelet that he had stored in a drawer. I excitedly charged it and put it on, then went about my day as a freelancer working from home. That night, I was dumbfounded…

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7 ways to stay happy

I’m not blind to the goings on of the world. I see climate change and human discord. As an optimist, however, I choose how to react to the news of the world. Read that again.     I CHOOSE how to react to the news of the world.   You see, no matter what happens around you, you have the power to be happy, to create your own personal world. If you think that sounds magical, that’s because it is. You are a magician, using your thoughts to conjure your…

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6 ways to help hurricane victims from your home

We can help others wherever we are.   Many people are being displaced and evacuated during the recent hurricane, and others have been homeless for some time. Here are some ways you can help from your home: Soap and toothpaste Water everywhere, but not much to drink and use to clean. Do you have a stash of hotel shampoos and personal-size soaps? Put them to good use.  Think about what you would like to have if you no longer had access to your bathroom supplies. Fill a bag with with…

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Frank Talk about Deep Space: Tracy Farquhar

I first met Tracy Farquhar at a conference held by Mike Dooley, author of “Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams.”  Farquhar is a gifted professional psychic medium, channel, trainer and Reiki II practitioner, offering her services through  Spirit Light Services in New Jersey. Since 2009, she has channeled the messages of a collective of eight alien entities who call themselves “Frank.” Farquhar and Frank created the book, “Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom” in 2014, covering such topics as time and space, civilization on Earth and beyond, and…

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You Can Do It! National Day of Encouragement

If you can dream it, you can do it. That statement has been attributed to many men, including Walt Disney and Enzo Ferrari. No one really knows where it originated. Perhaps a prehistoric man said it to his son, as the boy looked at the night sky and began to draw figures on a cave wall. I do know that a few words of encouragement can be life-changing. They can inspire and transform a mundane existence into one of meaning. Clearing Space When I was a little girl, my father was clearing space for…

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Knitting without fingers, living without limits.

Without. The word can mire you in a quicksand of sorrow. Or it can inspire you to obtain success. Canadian Jennifer Marquis chose the latter. She has lived and thrived without fingers her entire life. And she knits. “I have what is called a bi-lateral congenital hand defect, which in layman’s terms basically means: No fingers on either hand, born this way, not genetic,” explains Marquis. “The most common school of thought as to why I was born this way, was that my hands were embedded in my mothers uterus…

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Snow days and elephants

Today is a snow day. Actually, it is a day of freezing rain, but the schools are closed and that means I will not make trips to spend time with two little boys before and after school. I say “spend time” because “babysit” because the term is painful to an 8-year-old and 10-year-old, and “caretaker” sounds like I am gardening. Anyway, today I am home and can write some long overdue posts. I love writing in the morning. I love writing in my pajamas… that reminds me of the old…

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Captain Mindfulness – the next superhero?

The word “mindfulness” can be found in every form of media – but do we really know its true meaning? I have always understood the word to mean “the act of being present and aware.” Others explain mindfulness as a sort of omnipotence, an ability to step away form your body and observe its reactions to a certain situation without judgement. Psychology Today talks about mindfulness in that way. Today I found this video that explains mindfulness as a superpower – as something that we should all practice but not all…

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Trust the Universe: A view from the hill

Sometimes, quotes or sayings can help us redirect our thinking, or pull us out of a mind rut. And sometimes, a mixed-up quote is even better. The other day I went to a local drugstore to pick up a few things. The drugstore recently changed its reward card program, mistyping my email address into the new system. That sounds like something that can be fixed fairly easily, eh? But no, that typo means I cannot use my rewards card, and no one seems to know how to fix the problem.…

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Feeding the rice – what message will we give to ourselves?

During a conversation with Michael the other day, we touched on manifesting our goals and the power of thought. Michael had attended a few optimism sessions with me, which focused on getting past limiting beliefs and emotions. During the session I presented the late Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water and rice experiments. Dr. Emoto had studied the effects of human consciousness on rice.   The Rice Experiment To fill you in on the experiment, Dr Emoto was said to have measured equal amounts of cooked rice into three containers. On one container he…

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Think about it – and it will come.

Have you ever thought about someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, and within days you receive a call from that person? Perhaps you suggested an outcome to someone, then after the fact said “I just knew it would happen!” Have you worried and worried over something going wrong – and it did? Good or not so good – thoughts become reality.   Think atomic Everything in our world – an animal, a mountain, a dollar bill – is made of atoms. And every atom is a “force of…

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I found Buddha at the landfill

  Trash Day and Buddha I took my trash to the landfill drop-off point near my home this morning – a regular Saturday morning chore for me. I like the guys at the drop-off point. They are in their mid-20s, polite and ambitious in their work. We have brief conversations until the next vehicle rolls up and they have to get back to work. I sometimes bring them coffee, or give them extra money to buy some for themselves. Throwing other people’s garbage all day isn’t easy, and I appreciate…

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3 Ways to Find Daily Happiness

    Look inside. Many people say, “When I am (blank),” or, “When I have (blank), I will be happy.” They would have better success by changing that statement to, “Now I am happy, and I will have (blank).” Happiness is not created by obtaining items or having successes. They are created and obtained through happiness. The key is to be happy now, and allow good things to come to you.   Breathe. We tend to go through the day taking shallow breaths, just enough to keep our bodies in…

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A house of my own

“No man but feels more of a man in the world if he have but a bit of ground that he can call his own. However small it is on the surface, it is four thousand miles deep; and that is a very handsome property. “ ~Charles Dudley Warner.   Update: I am selling a house! Wow! I posted the original text in 2011, right before buying my house on Vine St. Here I am, six years later – and next week I close on the sale of this house.…

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Looking inside the boxes

Winter is finally loosening its grip on Vermont. My yard is still packed high with snow, now grubby and worn. But the sun is out and promises that soon green will begin to peek out from the bare spots. Unboxing I made a move to my very own home a few weeks ago with the help of my exchange group. I was fortunate to have the support of several individuals as well as more than a half dozen strong young men from a local alternative educational facility. The move from…

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Spaces Between Sounds

I have allowed a long silence to live between posts. January is a time for rejuvenation – a month of newness, and clearing of clutter. I’m sure many of you have found yourselves attacking cluttered spaces, those piles of papers, catalogs or other nuisance flutterings with zeal; organizing them (or at least corralling them), labeling and storing, then stepping back to look at your accomplishment, with, well, a sense of accomplishment. Or, like me, you are organizing the money – beans, moolah, black line, gold, cash, income – and plotting…

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Find your childlike spirit – dream your reality!

Last night’s soup swap was a great success. I marveled at the way the same basic ingredients could be presented in such unique ways. Fall and winter vegetables teamed up with lentils and beans in many dishes, but each had its own flavor and texture. A “golden” ladle was given to the soup voted as overall favorite. The winner was a cherry dumpling soup! We tend to think of soup as an appetizer; a beginning to dining or a hearty stew-like main course for lunches. So this soup (along with…

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Snow Mountains and Soup Swaps

Snow Snow has arrived in Central Vermont! I spent Sunday with my two friends, Otis and Ben, and we enjoyed the snow together. We tried out the hill at their country home – fabulous! Otis, who is 6 years old, discovered that if we all piled into the wood sled together, the trip down the hill was much faster! Later that afternoon, Otis, Ben (who is 4) and I went to Hubbard Park to do some more sledding, participate in a scavenger hunt, and have hot cocoa and cookies. At…

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