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Feeding the rice – what message will we give to ourselves?

During a conversation with Michael the other day, we touched on manifesting our goals and the power of thought. Michael had attended a few optimism sessions with me, which focused on getting past limiting beliefs and emotions. During the session I presented the late Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water and rice experiments. Dr. Emoto had studied the effects of human consciousness on rice.


The Rice Experiment

To fill you in on the experiment, Dr Emoto was said to have measured equal amounts of cooked rice into three containers. On one container he wrote “thank you,” on the second he wrote “you idiot,” and the third container was to be his control container and had no label. For 30 days, he spoke to the containers with intention and purpose – to the first he showed gratitude and loving thoughts. To the second, he showed judgment and spoke deprecating words.He completely ignored the third container, as it was his control. He repeated this for 30 days.

According to Dr. Emoto, the rice that was given negative energy decayed more quickly than the rice that was offered positive thoughts; in fact, the rice labeled “thank you” seemed fresh and bright. The rice that was spoken to with judgment was rotting. But the surprising result was that the control rice, which had been completely ignored, looked worse than the negatively-charged rice. This is not the actual experiment, but it will help you get the idea:

So back to the story.

Michael had recently practiced positive thought and intention in the direction of work, as he had lost his job of 10 years and was having trouble finding another.  In the months following, Michael grew more confident with intention, found a job that offered him potential growth, and successfully completed a personal project.

But he felt he had lost his momentum, and was mired in a pool of financial quicksand. I felt his energy – frustration and feelings of defeat. I immediately thought of Dr. Emoto’s experiment, and reminded him of the power of thought and speech. He had gone back to the comfortable emotion of despair, and had forgotten to regularly speak the proper words to the universe. He had forgotten to feed positive thoughts to the rice.

But when I spoke, the words tangled, and I said, “Feed the rice.”

Feed the Rice

We both fell silent. Then Michael began to laugh. He took the muddled words and found the meaning behind them, understanding that he was choosing to feed the “rice” the wrong message.

“Feed the rice. Of course! ”

We have to spend time every day, feeding the rice. We can choose to say “I am grateful for everything I have now” and prompt the universe to offer more opportunities to be grateful. Or we can blame and whine and feel like nothing will ever change – and it won’t. The energy we offer to the world around us is the reality we will create for ourselves. What task do we give our hearts – to find goodness and comfort in our current world, or to only discover sadness and bitter ends at every turn?

I realized that I have ignored this blog, which is near to my heart. I have used it as a control, ignoring it while I pursued other things. My posts faded away, and I directed no energy to it. But at the same time, I have learned so many things, and create a better blog as a result. It can be so much more if I allow it. If you allow it. It has countless opportunities to expand into a community of humans who believe that we can manifest a greater world if we so choose. There is always a Plan B. Our adventure never ends!

Trust the Universe is back.

How will you feed the rice today? What task will you give your heart?



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