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Happiness is the first and last piece of the puzzle

Happiness is the most beautiful walk to happiness.

I made a commitment to walk every morning if at all possible – not only for my health and intended weight loss, but also to begin the day with purpose.

After I asked friends and family their thoughts on the best pedometer, my youngest son sent me a new Nike bracelet that he had stored in a drawer. I excitedly charged it and put it on, then went about my day as a freelancer working from home.

That night, I was dumbfounded by the numbers lighting up on the bracelet.

I was a sloth. Yep, Zootopia DMV material.

I had barely scratched 500 steps!

This was an eye opener, and I immediately committed to bringing up this numbers. Of course I wasn’t aiming for the “normal” 10,000 steps that some national health organization deems as minimum stepping requirements for a human being. Really, how does one step that much when working from home, or working anywhere for that matter?

But I signed on to the tracking bracelet.

At first I was just walking to keep the bracelet happy. I put a smile on my face every morning when I stepped out of the house, because I envisioned the benefits of the exercise. I liked knowing that I was getting healthier, step by step. But now, about a month later, I am walking a mile or more each morning before breakfast – and sometimes I’ve logged 2 or more miles.

And somewhere along the line, I stopped walking for specific reasons. I started walking because I enjoyed it.

It became a part of my happiness schedule.

Happiness is the first part of the puzzle of life – and the last. Your thoughts create the experience you will have.

If you are dreading a task, your mind can create all sorts of reasons you won’t enjoy a single moment of it – you feel sick, you are tired, you pulled something in your right pinky finger, you don’t get paid enough to do that. However, if you begin with happy thoughts – wow, I am on my way to better health, I can’t wait to see what I discover along the way, I’ll take my camera this time to take pictures – your thoughts fall into place, and the universe offers many opportunities that have that same happiness factor.

Think happy, be happy.

Happiness is the vessel that carries you through a fulfilling life. When you have a solid place in happiness, and use those oars of action to move the vessel along, you can reach out to grab opportunities that drift within reach. Only you will know which ones you should grab and which you should allow to drift past.

Consider how you begin your day. Do you wake up on Monday thinking, “Today is going to be terrible. Mondays always stink. I wish I didn’t have to go.” But you do go, and you feel as if you are working for everyone except yourself. You slog through the day, complaining about coworkers, customers, or computers. Walking with concrete feet from one task to another, you can’t wait to get home. But when you arrive, you complain to your family how much you hate your job, how tired you are, and how you have no time to do anything fun. You are not happy.

What if you choose happiness first? Think about what would happen if you got up in the morning knowing that you are going to make this a great day – despite the circumstances that surround you. What if you go to work smiling, wave off the complainers, strive to satisfy the customers, and take the computer issues as a reason to walk around the office a bit? You will get into your car at the end of the day and feel a little bit lighter, and greet your family with a smile and a happy tone. Your happiness, in turn, will help them find their happiness.


Set your alarm clock for an hour before your normal waking time. As soon as the alarm goes off, put a smile on your face, as if you were a kid waking up on your birthday! Put on comfortable walking shoes and commit to a short walk around the block. Look for clues that the universe is paying attention – a friendly wave from a stranger, a face in the clouds, a butterfly landing on your arm. Say “thank you” when you recognize those clues. Then share your experiences below in the comments section!

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