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6 ways to help hurricane victims from your home

We can help others wherever we are.


Many people are being displaced and evacuated during the recent hurricane, and others have been homeless for some time. Here are some ways you can help from your home:

Soap and toothpaste

Water everywhere, but not much to drink and use to clean. Do you have a stash of hotel shampoos and personal-size soaps? Put them to good use.  Think about what you would like to have if you no longer had access to your bathroom supplies. Fill a bag with with a terry washcloth, shampoo, soap, razor, a comb, and a bottle of clean water. Add a travel-sized tube of toothpaste (the kind you get in your dentist gift bag), and a toothbrush. In fact, consider putting in everything from that dentist’s bag – those tiny rolls of floss could make someone very happy. You can send these kits to local truck charities that will take loads of supplies to the hurricane-hit areas.

Donate to your local food bank

These food organizations are always in need of supplies. Your local food bank is likely connected to an organization that can distribute supplies to those displaced by hurricanes. Look in your pantry and see if you have canned beans or meats, proteins like nut butters or protein bars, pastas or noodles, etc. It is never a waste of money to replace something you have given in charity.


Plastic bag bedrolls

These crocheted bedrolls are made from plastic grocery bags, can be washed and tied into a roll for transport, and are surprisingly comfy. Groups like this one are making them for homeless citizens or hurricane victims – consider creating your own local group. They are pretty easy to crochet with one of those giant crochet hooks, but you could put them together by making the chains using your fingers and attaching the chains together with bag ties.

This video explains how Canadians can make mats from milk bags and a loom. Using thick plastic and newspapers, you can even put together a warm sleeping bag.

No time? Donate that pile of plastic grocery bags from your pantry or closet to a local group!



Give blood

Check your neighborhood bulletins for locations of mobile blood drives, or look on the American Red Cross site for locations. Drink plenty of water before you go – and definitely eat the cookies and orange juice offered at the end. It will helps your body readjust and replace the blood you gave.

Give money

There are a number of scams going on, so be diligent. Check out Charity Navigator for help in choosing a reliable charity related to the recent hurricanes.


Balance your thoughts

This is the most important of ways to help. Miring yourself in thoughts of devastation and suffering doesn’t help anyone. Set your intentions and resulting actions in kindness and solutions. State an optimistic purpose behind your giving instead of feeling sad and worried, and know that every kindness offers a hand up to a better place.  Watch Andy Dooley’s Vibration Activation to get you started.



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