Not always the end – it’s a beginning!

7 years ago Rosie 3
After an absence of many months, I am finally back to the blog! I have missed you. I have had several messages asking when Trust The Universe will return – so what better time than the day of Thanksgiving, to share my gratitude? Nothing stays the same, and the last months have been full of Read More

Over and Out – For Now

7 years ago Rosie 4
Many of you know that the Universe has given me a few challenges lately – a smooth road never makes a good driver, right? And right now, I need to focus my attention on day-to-day tasks as well as one more challenge that needs to be attended to – a divorce. I’m out but not Read More

Nirvana on Tour

8 years ago Rosie 2
Last week, I sent Nirvana (the wig) off in the mail to her new owner, Kathie Kelling. Nirvana arrived at her new Phoenix digs while Kathie was enjoying some time with three of her daughters. I received this message from Kathie: “Today, 3 of my daughters took me to lunch for my birthday, which is Read More

A Little Salad with our Trading

8 years ago Rosie 1
Ron Doyle of RonDoyleWrites and has offered a fun package to trade on the Trading Up for Ireland page! Go check out number 9 – in return, Ron’s girls will be wearing the Belgian lace butterflies on their dresses! Thanks, Ron for kicking the trading page back in gear! Read More

Glove is All You Need

8 years ago Rosie 1
Love and a glove. The last few weeks have been filled with truck repair and inspection, settling into a new – although temporary – place, and looking for work in Montpelier. I have also worked to meet people and become a part of the community. Recently I met a city official, who told me about Read More

Fully Monty

8 years ago Rosie 1
I have landed – if you have noticed my absence from blogging at Trust the Universe, I had good reason. Over the last few weeks I have been busy packing and storing, managing final bill payments, cleaning my old place for the new tenants and preparing for my move to Montpelier. Even a temporary move Read More

Soup for You! Next!

8 years ago Rosie 9
This year I am committed to eating seasonally (and local), so fresh salads are out and cabbage and kale are in right now. After a week of cabbage though, I have more than the scent of a woman, so I start throwing other vegetables into a broth to make soup. I am fortunate to share Read More

One Ringy Dingy

8 years ago Rosie 3
Last month, I canceled my phone service to cut costs and to get ready for my winter move to Montpelier. I still had the cell phone, but soon found that I talked more than I thought I did. The monthly minutes quickly ran out and I had to recharge – and spent almost as much Read More

A Magic Carpet Ride, To the Emerald Isle

8 years ago Rosie 8
A few years ago, an innovative guy decided to see if he could trade a giant paper clip for something, well, better. So he advertised on Craigslist, not knowing what he would end up with. Being a huge barter fiend myself, I liked his spunk. Fast forward to this evening. I was reading an e-newsletter Read More

We Tree Kings

8 years ago Rosie 3
It is January 6th – known by many as Three Kings Day, or Twelfth Night. The last official day of Christmas. And it is traditional in some households to say good bye to the tree today. Off come the ornaments to be packed in their sturdy containers (or the ancient, flimsy cardboard boxes, taped at Read More

There’s No Business Like Snow Business

8 years ago Rosie 6
Update! A kind reader sent me this fabulous snowflake. He took my name and flipped and rearranged it until he created a very cool six-pointed snowflake.: It’s all about snow today! And Vermont does snow so well. Snowflakes always amaze me. Minute little bits of architectural perfection that only last for a moment. While pumping Read More

It’s 12-30. Do You Know Where Your Intentions Are?

8 years ago Rosie 8
Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. Are you looking back at 2009 with tender memories and wishing it hadn’t gone so fast? Or are you looking forward with anticipation, intending that 2010 be even more exciting? Many of us have experienced changes over the last year – illness, deaths, births, lay offs, and layovers. “Green” has Read More

Excuse Me, Sir – Your Blog is Running

8 years ago Rosie 2
Some of you may remember back in May, I had a buddy fill in for me here at TrusttheUniverse. Predictably, Sir Buffalo Sushi has grown tired of guest-hosting the blogs of others (including his mom’s great blog, Polka Dot Suitcase ) and has struck out on his own. Not STRUCK out like in a ball Read More

Room for Thought – and Silliness

8 years ago Rosie 0
The other night I was attending a chat room with several of my global friends. On the web site, the chat room was located in a box on the left, and on the top right a smaller box held the names of people who were presently in the chat room. Directly underneath was a larger Read More

Auld Lang O’Nine

8 years ago Rosie 4
By now, you are all shoving balls of torn wrapping paper into open boxes – or smoothing out those balls for use next year and breaking the boxes down for recycling. And by now, that Christmas dinner doesn’t look so appetizing, and you’re poking around the covered dishes looking for something less holiday-ish. The cookies Read More

You Can’t Say That from Here

8 years ago Rosie 2
A Canadian friend just moved to Regina. Now, I always thought this town was pronounced “ra-GEEN-a.” When I heard the true pronunciation, I immediately thought of the Seinfeld episode, where Jerry can’t remember a girlfriend’s name. He does know, however, that it rhymes with a female body part. I’ll say no more. You Chicagoans know Read More

Pigs in Heaven Part Deux

8 years ago Rosie 3
Now for the rest of the pig tale… My friend Molly arrived, carrying a bucket of apples and a looped rope. By then, I only had corn left in my bucket, having used the rest of the treats to create a Hansel and Gretel-ish trail during my wanderings with the pigs. We stood together and Read More

Pigs in Heaven

8 years ago Rosie 1
A few weeks ago, I house sat for a friend. My friend – I’ll call her Dahlia to protect her identity – needed time away from the farm. And I was always ready to go to the country. So I packed up my dog and my laptop and headed for her place. All went well Read More

Don’t be Cilia – I’m Seriously Thankful.

8 years ago Rosie 1
Fall is nearly over here in Vermont. The morning air is no longer “nippy.” It’s cold. And it’s a search to find pie pumpkins – they are being snapped up by discerning bakers for the Thanksgiving holiday. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I’ll wax poetic on this Read More

Flu Me to the Moon

8 years ago Rosie 0
I want to share a column written by funny girl Michele Wojchiechowski (pronounced “where’s your house key”) about the recent flu run. I’m ok, she’s ok. This past week, I went on a search for a treasure. It was something so scarce, so valuable, something that can ward off sickness and even death. And after Read More