Falling back! And a call to all for art…

8 years ago Rosie 0
Hello, friends! I am back to blogging after a few months of inactivity. I hope you missed it. I have an exciting project to share with you! This venture, by a hip and eco-friendly local artist, is at the grassroots level – and needs your participation! The project, called “Art Is” has no specific goal, Read More


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I had a thought this morning: if we are all thinking outside the box, then why do we still have the box? Maybe we’re just all in a bigger box… More later. Read More

Goodbye, Meg…

8 years ago Rosie 0
My hair is slowly disappearing. I had my Meg Ryan/Peter Pan haircut for about three weeks, but after the second chemotherapy treatment it began to weaken. First there were just extra strands in the hairbrush. Then the strands appeared in larger groups, and I kept picking loose hair off my shoulders and my pillowcase. I Read More

Thoughts on relationships

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Warning: deep subject ahead. Please use caution and keep young children away from the edges. I receive a number of emails related to positive thought. One of today’s emails mentioned the idea of being “right” in a relationship, and that in a higher vibration, the ego doesn’t need such a validation. What is more important Read More

Flipping Coins

8 years ago Rosie 0
For today’s Lovely Blog Award, I am veering away from farm things today to give bring you a blog that informs and inspires women. Money is on all our minds right now, and how to raise and train your dollars to be the best they can be is often daunting. I will add posts that Read More

A Slice of Farm, Please

8 years ago Rosie 0
I admit it. I am a sucker for lamb pictures. But today’s Lovely Blog Award goes to Farmgirl Fare not only for the oh-so-well-done pics of her sheep, but also for the fabulous recipes she offers. This girl can mix up a party in a pan. And oh…the bread. Another of my weaknesses. There is Read More

Be Back Soon

8 years ago Rosie 0
It was a long night, so today I am making a short post. I’ll be back in force soon! The banner picture made me stop at this blog. Ok, I am veering away from the “lovely” part of the Lovely Blog Award, but I Am The Cheese fits perfectly into the silliness factor. Make sure Read More

Dads and Moms

8 years ago Rosie 2
Of course, I woke up thinking of my dad this morning. He would have been 90 at the end of this month. But he went on to other adventures 28 years ago. My memories of him always make me smile – his crooked grin, his purposeful walk, our shared love of Mother Earth, and all Read More

Honest Abes at the Airport

8 years ago Rosie 0
Dear readers, I missed a few post days. It turns out the center in Philadelphia blocks some internet communications. So although I could read my emails and my daily press releases, I could not access or blog on Trust the Universe. But I am home now. Last night, I waited at the Philadelphia airport for Read More

Tiny Farm, Big Harvest

8 years ago Rosie 0
Today’s Lovely Blog award goes to Tiny Farm. I must admit the blog itself isn’t that lovely – but the content did it for me. These Canadian farmers prove that you can make a small amount of land productive. Two acres doesn’t sound like much, but if you work hard and are smart, and if Read More

Shagging it

8 years ago Rosie 4
I had my hair cut today. This Friday will be my first chemo treatment. The oncologist said I may not lose my hair if I cut it shorter. And, although I am not my hair, I kind of like having hair. But que sera, sera. If it goes, it goes. Anyway…I decided to go with Read More

Lavender Fields Forever

8 years ago Rosie 0
A friend recently sent me a picture to put on my vision board. It was of a hill covered with lavender plants in full bloom. My friend knows the love I have for this plant, and my dream of having my own hill of lavender someday. My friend Byron still has three lavender plants that Read More

Yo Yoga

8 years ago Rosie 0
After accepting Vera’s Lovely Blog Award yesterday, I went searching for my first new blog to pay the award forward. I stumbled upon this very cool blog by Silvia Mordini of Total Body Yoga. Silvia discovered yoga after a life-changing accident 15 years ago. I especially liked guest blogger Rachel Dewan’s post of June 9th. Read More

I Accept This Award…

8 years ago Rosie 0
…on behalf of the Universe. I received an email from Vera Marie Badertscher at A Traveler’s Library. Vera is a very cool woman and a talented writer – and she has a great nickname which I won’t divulge here! She told me that Trust the Universe had been awarded a Lovely Blog Award, along with Read More

Finding the Tiniest in Vermont

8 years ago Rosie 1
Although I have traveled to many places over the years, Vermont has always called to me. I knew it was where I belonged, and it was a happy day when I received my Vermont driver’s license and put on the “greens,” the green Vermont license plates, on my truck (the numbers and letters on my Read More

Cheers Honey

8 years ago Rosie 0
I know – I missed a day. But I had a good excuse. I went to the farm yesterday and added honey supers to five of the beehives. We hope to pull some honey before opening day on the 4th of July. While I was there, I checked out the blueberry fields with owner Byron Read More

Dance Fever

8 years ago Rosie 3
I was chair-dancing this morning…I can’t sit still when a good song comes on the radio, and pretty soon my upper body starts to sway in the computer chair, then my arms start to swing, and pretty soon I’m doing a full out eyes-closed, lip-biting, torso-turning half-body groove-thing. Good thing I live alone. I relate Read More

Me and My Shadow Puppet

8 years ago Rosie 1
Bennington is rainy and overcast today – a perfect day to make homemade bread and a pot of soup. A handful of dried beans that were soaking overnight, some stew meat, garlic, onion, and some leftover tomato sauce and vegetables, along with the rest of the kale I received in yesterday’s CSA box. Once that Read More

Kale, Kale, the Gang’s All Here

8 years ago Rosie 0
I picked up my first CSA share today. Chuck and Lisa’s produce looks fabulous! The shares are still small, as the season is barely in, but I was happy to get a bunch of young kale in my box today (as well as organic eggs, spinach, and mesclun mix). I love kale. It is so Read More

A New Blog Experiment

8 years ago Rosie 0
Today I found a kind of cool new adventure in blogging at alphainventions.com Apparently this site picks up live blogs, so when a blog is posted, it appears on this site as well. Somehow, trusttheuniverse has been picked up by this site, and some readers are getting here from there…welcome! Read More