Shagging it

I had my hair cut today.

This Friday will be my first chemo treatment. The oncologist said I may not lose my hair if I cut it shorter. And, although I am not my hair, I kind of like having hair. But que sera, sera. If it goes, it goes. Anyway…I decided to go with a Meg Ryan shag – it isn’t bad. I might post a pic if you’re interested. Since I still have saloon feet (painted toes) from my son’s wedding, I feel like I am borrowing someone else’s body for a while. Maybe I didn’t tell you about the toes – 50 years old and the first time they have seen polish. Oh, the adventures I’ve seen…

After I said goodbye to the curls of hair on the salon floor, I headed home, determined to find a fun blog about bald women. I was a bit surprised when my innocent search words turned up some rather risque sites! So I turned my attention to another baldy – the bald eagle. While searching, I came upon this beautiful photo site. The shot of the two little bear cubs made me laugh out loud – and I was a goner. This blog gets today’s Lovely Blog Award for its inspiration and for the fun cub shot. So I am sharing with you – enjoy the amazing photos of our Mother Earth. Her beauty continues to astound me. And wow – let’s make sure SHE doesn’t go bald, ok?

Update: Ok, as promised – I’m looking a little puny here, and of course, the haircut doesn’t look as good as it did when I left the hair salon, but here it is. I now wonder why I spent money to have my hair cut just weeks before I may lose it all…

Oh, and the saloon feet – shocking, eh? saloon feet

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4 Thoughts to “Shagging it”

  1. sweezie

    Hey – I would like to see the “Meg Ryan-meets-Michelle Pheiffer” look! You are beautiful no matter what’s on your head – because it comes from the inside…


    1. trusttheuniverse

      Aw…thanks, sweeze! Photos added…

  2. knifethrowing

    awww. show us your haircut and your toes!!! you might even need to don some red lipstick to match!


    1. trusttheuniverse

      Photos added!

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