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Happiness is the first and last piece of the puzzle

Happiness is the most beautiful walk to happiness. I made a commitment to walk every morning if at all possible – not only for my health and intended weight loss, but also to begin the day with purpose. After I asked friends and family their thoughts on the best pedometer, my youngest son sent me a new Nike bracelet that he had stored in a drawer. I excitedly charged it and put it on, then went about my day as a freelancer working from home. That night, I was dumbfounded…

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Knitting without fingers, living without limits.

Without. The word can mire you in a quicksand of sorrow. Or it can inspire you to obtain success. Canadian Jennifer Marquis chose the latter. She has lived and thrived without fingers her entire life. And she knits. “I have what is called a bi-lateral congenital hand defect, which in layman’s terms basically means: No fingers on either hand, born this way, not genetic,” explains Marquis. “The most common school of thought as to why I was born this way, was that my hands were embedded in my mothers uterus…

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3 Ways to Find Daily Happiness

    Look inside. Many people say, “When I am (blank),” or, “When I have (blank), I will be happy.” They would have better success by changing that statement to, “Now I am happy, and I will have (blank).” Happiness is not created by obtaining items or having successes. They are created and obtained through happiness. The key is to be happy now, and allow good things to come to you.   Breathe. We tend to go through the day taking shallow breaths, just enough to keep our bodies in…

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It’s 12-30. Do You Know Where Your Intentions Are?

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. Are you looking back at 2009 with tender memories and wishing it hadn’t gone so fast? Or are you looking forward with anticipation, intending that 2010 be even more exciting? Many of us have experienced changes over the last year – illness, deaths, births, lay offs, and layovers. “Green” has become a focus – in the financial sense as well as the ecological sense. I’m no different than all the others. But I do think that we have choices. Are obstacles or barriers necessarily a…

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