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Looking inside the boxes

Winter is finally loosening its grip on Vermont. My yard is still packed high with snow, now grubby and worn. But the sun is out and promises that soon green will begin to peek out from the bare spots. Unboxing I made a move to my very own home a few weeks ago with the help of my exchange group. I was fortunate to have the support of several individuals as well as more than a half dozen strong young men from a local alternative educational facility. The move from…

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Lessons on Home Remodeling – From a Honeybee

The recent focus on honeybees and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has caused more Americans to learn about – and appreciate – the hard-working honeybee. As a beekeeper, I know that honeybees are social creatures with their lives centered on their home. Each time I stand at the entrance of one of my hives, or open the top to peer inside, I come away with a few tidbits of information. Here are a few tips on home remodeling from one of the best architects in nature: Expect to sweat. Nothing substitutes…

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