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Find your childlike spirit – dream your reality!

Last night’s soup swap was a great success. I marveled at the way the same basic ingredients could be presented in such unique ways. Fall and winter vegetables teamed up with lentils and beans in many dishes, but each had its own flavor and texture. A “golden” ladle was given to the soup voted as overall favorite. The winner was a cherry dumpling soup! We tend to think of soup as an appetizer; a beginning to dining or a hearty stew-like main course for lunches. So this soup (along with…

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You Learn Something New Every Day

You Learn Something New Every Day – Day 1 My thanks to Janine Adams of Peace of Mind Organizing ( ) for suggesting today’s New Thing – Japanese T-shirt folding! I thought it would be easy. After many years of football jerseys, tank tops, and hundreds of T-shirts of different sizes and styles, I figured this “New Thing” would be a cakewalk. Boy, was I wrong. I watched the video – first I watched the Japanese version, seen here: Then I decided that that would be two New Things –…

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