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Happiness is the first and last piece of the puzzle

Happiness is the most beautiful walk to happiness. I made a commitment to walk every morning if at all possible – not only for my health and intended weight loss, but also to begin the day with purpose. After I asked friends and family their thoughts on the best pedometer, my youngest son sent me a new Nike bracelet that he had stored in a drawer. I excitedly charged it and put it on, then went about my day as a freelancer working from home. That night, I was dumbfounded…

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Think about it – and it will come.

Have you ever thought about someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, and within days you receive a call from that person? Perhaps you suggested an outcome to someone, then after the fact said “I just knew it would happen!” Have you worried and worried over something going wrong – and it did? Good or not so good – thoughts become reality.   Think atomic Everything in our world – an animal, a mountain, a dollar bill – is made of atoms. And every atom is a “force of…

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I found Buddha at the landfill

  Trash Day and Buddha I took my trash to the landfill drop-off point near my home this morning – a regular Saturday morning chore for me. I like the guys at the drop-off point. They are in their mid-20s, polite and ambitious in their work. We have brief conversations until the next vehicle rolls up and they have to get back to work. I sometimes bring them coffee, or give them extra money to buy some for themselves. Throwing other people’s garbage all day isn’t easy, and I appreciate…

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