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Think about it – and it will come.

Have you ever thought about someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, and within days you receive a call from that person? Perhaps you suggested an outcome to someone, then after the fact said “I just knew it would happen!” Have you worried and worried over something going wrong – and it did?

Good or not so good – thoughts become reality.


Think atomic

Everything in our world – an animal, a mountain, a dollar bill – is made of atoms. And every atom is a “force of nature,” a tiny little vessel of energy capable of the act of creation. A knowing, or a thought – the Creator, if you will. Call it what you want – The Force, The Father, the Universe, The Goddess – but it is all the same. We are all made in the same way. “We” includes everything we know, and everything we don’t know. Through thought, energy is catapulted into form.

So if you can grasp the idea that thought creates things, then it is no longer impossible for you to consider the idea that your own thoughts can create the world you live in, and manifest the things you desire. You alone have the choice to think the way you want, and make the life you want.

Now, here is the tricky part! To create the life you desire, you must agree to exchange old, limiting thoughts with new, unlimited ones!

What am I thinking?

Perhaps you would like to be rich. But you look at someone who is already wealthy, and you begin to judge them. You think to yourself, it’s easy for him to do these things – he is rich. He should share more of his money. Boy, he is greedy. He has let all that money go to his head.

Underneath those thoughts is the belief that money has caused this person to become greedy, thoughtless, selfish and shallow. Money is therefore an evil entity. Your subconscious says, I can’t have money, or I will become greedy, or selfish, or I will be judged by people just as I am judging the wealthy person. I don’t want that. I don’t want money.

So in order to propel your wish to be rich, you must embrace the idea that money is good. In fact, money is simply an exchange of energy – and it is the INTENT behind the exchange of money that matters, as is the character of the human being. Money only serves as a tool to create personal worlds. The worlds we create are the business of the creator and deserve no judgement.


Let go of judgement or envy, and begin to manifest the world you desire.


This week, practice the power of thought:

  1. Instead of envying or resenting others, celebrate the successes of others.

  2. Think of a small item you would like to manifest. Make sure it is small enough that you can believe it is possible to manifest it, and unique enough that you will recognize it as a manifestation. For example, you might create a thought that you will receive an unexpected gift in the mail (this is one of my own manifestations from last week!). Or you might think about receiving a compliment from your employer.

  3. Write down a life goal in present tense. You might write “I am a successful entrepreneur” or “I live in a home on the beach.” Look at what you have written, and take 5 minutes to imagine what it feels like to be there, living that dream.

Thoughts are at the beginning of every circumstance. Forget about yesterday – it doesn’t matter. Start today to create a new world for yourself!



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