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Frank Talk about Deep Space: Tracy Farquhar

I first met Tracy Farquhar at a conference held by Mike Dooley, author of “Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams.”  Farquhar is a gifted professional psychic medium, channel, trainer and Reiki II practitioner, offering her services through  Spirit Light Services in New Jersey. Since 2009, she has channeled the messages of a collective of eight alien entities who call themselves “Frank.” Farquhar and Frank created the book, “Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom” in 2014, covering such topics as time and space, civilization on Earth and beyond, and universal love. Farquhar went on to co-author the 2017 book “From Deep Space with Love” with New York Times best-selling author Mike Dooley and the Frank collective. The book is both thought-provoking and inspirational, combining Frank’s knowledge of such things as divine evolution and enlightened awareness with Dooley’s and Farquhar’s talents.

Tracy, when did you find you had a gift for channeling? Did you have any experiences as a child?


I began my journey to becoming a professional psychic medium 12 years ago, when I took a psychic development night class just for fun. I had always had an interest in metaphysical and paranormal phenomena, as I grew up in the a family that was very open to it. We lived in a house that had a lot of paranormal activity in it, and I have a sister who dabbled in a lot of different metaphysical things. I can’t say that I had any psychic or channeling experiences as a child, but I had quite a few experiences of sensing spirit energy. My first experience with channeling was around 2011, when I had my first contact with Frank. That experience is described in both books.


trust the universe, deep space with love, frank talk
Tracy Farquhar photo courtesy Franne Demetrician


Tell us about your journey with spiritual work.


As I mentioned, I began the journey to discovering my psychic abilities about 12 years ago when I took a night class. We did a lot of practice readings in that class, so I began to see that I was pretty good at it, and I really developed a passion for the work. I took that course several times, and then started a weekly meetup in my house where we would practice and discuss different metaphysical modalities. That group lasted about 2 years, and I continued to practice doing psychic readings until I felt confident enough to start charging and become a professional. In these readings, I would often experience spirit energy coming through, which meant I was also a medium. Once I started to build a side business, I found that my full-time career started to change, until I found I was working as a part-time temp. When that job was finished, I decided to make my business my sole source of income, and I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur for 4 years now.


When did you begin channeling Frank?


In 2011, I had my first channeling experience with Frank, but I didn’t really keep up with the channeling much after the first few months. Then, in 2012, I attended a conference with Mike Dooley to become a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, and I began to attend all of Mike’s conferences and teach the program. I also started doing the channeled writing again in 2013, and I began channeling my first book, “Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom,” which I self-published in December, 2014.


I knew that Mike was a fan of the channeled Seth books, so I made sure he got a copy of my book, although I didn’t really think he would read it. But in a few months, he let me know he was reading it and that he really loved it, and when he finished it, he invited me to do a channeled webinar with him. We had such a great experience with that, we decided we wanted to do something else, so we started writing “From Deep Space with Love: A Conversation about Consciousness, the Universe, and Building a Better World” in a question and answer format. Hay House agreed to publish it and it was released in May, 2017.


During this period, I was also doing some live channeled events and began offering channeled webinars, where the audience could ask questions of Frank. This live, verbal channeling is a much more intense experience than the written channeling, and so it has taken me some time to get used to it. In the beginning, I would be exhausted afterward and would require a lot of recovery time, but as I continued to relax and allow these sessions to flow, I’ve found they are much easier to manage, although still very intense.




Frank also speaks of past lives perhaps being lives we are living that coincide with our own conscious lives. Have you, Tracy, experienced past lives?


Yes, I’m quite certain I’ve experienced a number of past lives! I have had a few past life meditation experiences where I’ve connected with some of them, but I haven’t done extensive research into them. I find the current life much more fascinating! Frank also talks about multidimensional lives, and how we are all experiencing multiple incarnations simultaneously, which I find truly mind-bending. In other words, our souls have multiple aspects which are experienced in many different ways, both in the physical and non-physical. Quantum physics has proven that a singular particle can be bi-locational, which means it can exist in more than one place at the same time, so it stands to reason that we can, too!


Frank speaks through you, so some of your own spirit must shine through as well. Has there ever been a time when you disagreed with or was shocked by something Frank said?





No; I really don’t think I would be able to channel anything that didn’t really resonate with me, since it’s true that my own spirit and brain are involved in the channeling process. During a live session once, someone asked if Frank could speak other languages other than English, and they said they don’t speak to me in English, they speak in frequency which is automatically translated into English by my brain, because that’s the language I’m familiar with. And so the channeling is limited by the language I already know and the things that I can understand, since my brain is still involved in the automatic translation of the energetic frequency. So while there are some concepts that Frank talks about that I don’t really understand, they are still in a language which makes sense to me and they express a truth that resonates with me. So while I’ve never encountered anything from them that I was shocked by, I often find them expressing some ideas and concepts that I had never thought of before, but that are really fascinating and truly resonate as truth.



Dr. Gregg Braden speaks of the “thinking heart,” with the heart being the center of our emotional and physical existence. Does this awareness of our hearts’ importance align with Frank’s talk of left brain/right brain alignment?

Frank often refers to the heart as the seat of energetic awareness, and they have described it as much more than just a programmed pump. It is the seat of the feeling self, and it is this feeling self which connects with the intuitive awareness and the spirit self. What the brain can think and understand is limited by its physical nature, but the energetic aspect of  self, as it is centered in the heart, is limitless as it is not fully contained in the physical body. So I would say that Frank’s philosophy is very much in harmony with Gregg Braden’s.


Do you feel we are making progress in our willingness and ability to embrace and tolerate diversity – including the idea that we are not alone in the Universe?


Yes, I feel they see the embracing of diversity in our culture as something we have made great strides with, even though we know we’re not quite where we’d like to be in that realm of understanding. They often ask us to look back at our history to realize what enormously fast evolution we’ve  experienced in just the last 100 years or so. And I believe one of the reasons they have taken on this mission to spread the word of their wisdom and experience is because they know what a stretch it wll be for most  humans to accept the idea that someone is channeling aliens, as it seems preposterous and silly. But if someone can step out of that box of limited awareness and embrace the possibilities, this is where our true growth can occur.


In a recent chat with Mike Dooley, Frank states, “We would not have put so
much effort into this if you were doomed.” What is Frank’s primary message
to us? Why are they dedicated to offering this message?



Frank’s primary message to us is that we are powerful beings who can change and direct the course of our planet, but only if we believe that we can and only if we are able to embrace the possibilities of change and advancement
rather than expecting doom. They are communicating with us to show us what is possible, to spread the word of their journey and to help others in the Universe to embrace their powers of imagination and creativity to develop
new systems out of the failing ones, to celebrate diversity, compassion and caring for each other as a normal way of living, They have so much faith and love for us, and they truly see us as being capable of great things.

Note: Tracy Farquhar and the entities known as Frank are featured as part of Hay House’s first upcoming Psychic Summit.



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